Convert international student interest better

We deliver a personalized managed service that expertly engages every international inquirer, applicant, and admitted student through the journey to enrollment.

More applications from the students you want

Increased yield from admit to enroll

Strategic nurturing of your long-term prospects

Meaningful data to inform future international enrollment strategy

UniQuest has been a dedicated partner to the university; consistently delivering on promises to enable us to work toward achieving established objectives.

Christine Kremer, Director, International and Graduate Admission, University of Dayton

Rachel Fletcher, Managing Director and Co-founder

Rachel Fletcher, Co-founder and CEO

Natalie Letcher, Co-founder and Chair

Charlotte O’Gorman, Client Services Director

James Sheppard, Operations Director

Dan Collis, Product Director

Anaïs Dupas, Client Relationship Manager

Luke Barker, Client Relationship Manager

Wade Tomlinson, Client Relationship Manager

Emma Clark. Client Relationship Manager

Stefania Versace, Enrollment Advisor

Joshua Aldridge, Client Relationship Manager

Maxim Letcher, Enrollment Advisor

Laura Cruise, Market Insight Analyst

Andi Yan, Database Executive

Maneka Edirisinghe, Enrollment Assistant

Alicia Wan, Enrollment Advisor

Safiyyah Gareeboo, Email Marketing Portfolio Manager

Hana Jebari, Enrollment Advisor

Mary Evans, Marketing Manager

Jane Hendy, Chief Financial Officer

Oliver Moss, Email Marketing Portfolio Manager

Will Francis, Enrollment Advisor